Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome home, pool days. Welcome home.

It's baaaack. Or should I say they're back. My sweet pool days, how I've missed you all. ALL of you. You are some of my very bestest, dearest friends for life. For real. We're B.F.F.s. And I cherish You bring me happiness and calm and bright sunshiney days and immense fun. You give my kids healthy bodies and good nights' rests. You open your arms to friends and family, creating wonderful memories to which I cling. You bring balloon wars and water gun fights and cannon ball contests. You offer energy and relaxation and peace of mind. (Perhaps I should keep this to myself, but you also save on toilet paper since the kids just pee outside so they don't have to keep drying off to go to the bathroom indoors.) And, let's be honest here, in a town that's so hot your armpits sweat in cold showers, life without a pool is utter misery.

I am so thankful for our days at the pool. And I am so grateful to my dad for working so hard to make the pool work hard for all of us. Almost every one of our summer days will be spent in the swimming hole that lives in my parents' backyard, in that body of water that entices us to pretty much live in my parents' backyard throughout the months of June, July, and August. And it's a great place to reside.
Ella and Summit heart swimming so very much. They especially love swimming with their friends and family, but no one can be as amazing a swim buddy as is their Popi. I would venture to guess that they're his favorite pool pals as well. He's the most lovable and tireless launch pad for flips through the air that end in the cool blue water. He's the underwater monster who grabs at their toes, the master of super-splashy belly flops, and the best dive coach these kids have ever known. He's most awesome pool toy a kid could ask for, and I'm so happy that he's ours.

Thanks to the heat, this past weekend was filled with pool days, all perfectly adorned with warm, sunny weather, fabulous company, and good food. And I couldn't feel luckier to have this time in my life. Thursday was my first official swimming day of summer, and we kicked it with the Harpers. Saturday afternoon was leant to Matt and the kids. Sunday morning, E and S took turns pretending to be acrobats flying through the air and into the water courtesy of their Popi pool toy, and the afternoon was spent with our friends, the Humphries, at their neighborhood hangout. And on Monday, we took advantage of the Memorial holiday to have a pool party with some more cool folks.
Needless to say, we were all sun-kissed and sleepy at the end of the long weekend. But, it was all so very worth it, and I can't wait for what's to come. Thank you, sweet pool days. You rock.


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