Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dusting Off the Keyboard

After quite a hiatus, I figured I best get to dusting off the old keyboard and direct some of my focus back on the business of blogging for my family. Part of it wasn't my fault, my neglect of cataloguing our family affairs; the insanely busy moving process has kept me and my computer hostage for more than a month.

And, what a crazy month it's been. Following 3 plus years of having our little old house on the market, we FINALLY received an offer on the damn thing. Could it have happened before the baby was born? Before she was 2 months old and needy as all get out? Before Summit started kindergarten? Before the start of the school year? Before I went back to work? Before summer was over? Apparently not. No. It had to happen RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of it all. Right in the middle. So, was it wild? Hell yes it was!

Mortgage borrowing ain't a pretty thing to deal with. Not at all. It's like being forced to stand on a stage naked, without having shaved ANYTHING for months or being able to work out for years, in front of everyone in the world. It's ugly. And stressful. And unpredictable. And can get you in a bit of trouble when your significant other sees that credit report with some of those shopping cards on that piece of paper, and all you can do is avoid looking anyone in the eye and whistle. And no matter how much you want everyone to stop looking at you, they look at you more. And, then they want more stuff...letters about how you had your first born and how you pay for toilet paper and how much it costs you to drive to the moon. (To be clear, we aren't deadbeats. We have very good credit.)

Also not pretty is dealing with nit picky psychos who want to buy your house. Or, rather, who want to buy your house for their kid and who don't have anything else to do except put everything you have put your heart and soul into for several years under a magnifying glass and pick it apart. How emotional. How exhausting.

But at least we sold the flipping thing. And, at least we found a great new place to live. It's beautiful and quiet and peaceful and perfect for our little family. And, we are so thankful to finally be here.  And, I'm so happy to be back to the blog. Please forgive my neglect, my loves.

Here's our new abode.

Here's my new favorite plant. This bush is covered with butterflies in the warmer months.

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