Monday, May 6, 2013

Summit's First Tooth

Since he was a baby, I swore he'd never grow up. My sweet Summy Poopers would always be my little guy. So far, it's worked...all my ways of making him mine, all mine, and making him love me the most. He promises he'll never leave me. He'll always live with me. He'll always want his mommy more than anything or anyone else. And, honestly, I've convinced myself in more ways than one that no girl will steal his heart away from me, that he WILL always be a mama's boy.

But, just the other day, something occurred that let me know that nature has a way of making things happen, things you just can't control. He's growing up. And, while his sweet, little, Wizard of Oz munchkin voice sounds the same, and while he hugs me just as tight, I was reminded that one day, he might REALLY grow up.

He told me one of those little baby teeth on the bottom had been wiggly a few months back, but certain that my baby would never betray me in such a way as to get big boy teeth, I ignored all the signs. Yet, it did...the time came when Mr. Wiggly became Mr. I'm Outta Here, and that little pearly white wiggled his way from Summit's mouth. Unlike Ella, Summit wouldn't let me touch it in those final moments. In fact, homeboy freaked out when he realized what was happening. Of course, the sight of blood has always put a scare in him that could melt the polar icecaps. And, he came running into my lap, crying about the red stuff, scared for what he had never experienced before.

Part of me cried and was scared, too... not because I didn't know what was to come, but because I do. I know that from here on out, those teeth will keep falling from his little mouth, that such a small experience is but a sign of the fact that my baby boy is changing into a big boy who will grow into a young man who will one day NOT run into my arms when something scares him or when he needs to just cuddle with his mama. One day, he won't need me the way that I need him. So, despite the fact that he was super cute in the moment of losing that first tooth, and that it's super funny to hear him speak with that little gap in his teeth, a small part of my heart was breaking and I longed for more time with my babies in the moments that were before these moments.

But, I can't change that. I can't stop the time. I CAN, however, relish in every second of their precious love, and that's what I intend to always do. So, congratulations, my baby boy. No matter how full of funny-looking adult teeth crowd your little face, you'll always be my sweet Summy Poopers. I love you.

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